flexo printing machine equipment

Flexo offset Plate 1.70mm

Flexo offset Plate 1.70mm

Features :

  • 1) Green Product, suitable for water base ink
  • 2) Optimal hardness and flexibility
  • 3) Excellent dot and isolated line reproduction
  • 4) Solid printing performance
  • 5) High latitude of exposure and processing
  • 6) Good ink transfer
  • 7) High impression

Product Specification

Type R170
Plate Thickness (mm) 1.70
Rigidity (Shore A) 60-62
Recommended Relief Depth(mm) 0.7-0.9
Image Reproduction 2%~95%
Maximum Line, Line/Inch 153
Minimum isolated line 0.15mm (0.0059inch)
Minimum Isolated Dot 0.2mm (0.0079inch)
Suitable Ink Suitable for water and alcohol-based ink, incompatible with oil-based ink, hydrocarbon solvent or the ink containing ethyl acetate of more than 25%
Main Application Film, label, flexible package, carry bag, folded paper box
Dimension 762x1016 (30x40)
1067x1524 (42x60)
1067x2032 (42x80)
1200x2032 (47.2x80)
1270x2032 (50x80)
Storage Raw Material Unexposed plates should be stored in cool areas (4-32°C) away from heat. The plates must be placed flatly, and protected from contacting UV light. It is recommended to unpacked and handled in yellow light.
Finished Plates Printing plate should be avoided excessive white light, irradiating from sunlight and exposing in high concentrated ozone environments for a long time either. After being unloaded, the plates should be cleaned thoroughly.
Packing 10 pcs per carton, 9 cartons per wooden case
Guarantee Period Under the recommended storage condition, guarantee period of Flexographic Printing Plate is 18 months.

Process parameters:

Type R170
Thickness (mm) 1.70
Back Exposure (seconds) 15-21
Main Exposure (mins) 7-13
Rinsing (mins) 5-7
Drying(hours) 1.70
Detackfying (minutes) 8-15
Post Exposure (mins) 5

Note :
All the above data is depended on our plate-making device. Due to the different requirements of plate-making device, UV lamp power, relief depth and print image, the above recommended time can be changed appropriately. Customers should test on their own device for optimum plate quality.


  • 1. Samples available, we often send 2 pcs A3 or A4 size of flexo plates to customer for test.
  • 2. Sizes of flexo plates can be produced according to customers’ demand.
  • 3. We supply online technical support. If there is any problem, we will coordinate our engineers to help you solve the problem via e-mail/Tel/Video.
  • 4. We have a tracking service every month to care about our products, if any problem, we will help you and learn from you together to solve the problem.